Luigi Lavorata was the first of Lavorata family to show interest in viticulture towards the middle of 1800, later his son Domenico carried on passion, but in 1958, the second of his twelve children, Vincenzo, started to produce and sell wine in Italy. Thanks to Ilario Lavorata, Domenico’s eleventh child, the wine production increased and entered foreign markets, especially Belgium and Germany ones. Today, the winer of the winery is run by Ilario’s three children: Domenico the winemaker, Danilo the commercial manager and Adele the managing director but also by Vincenzo’s son, Domenico, who is a commercial manager too. The family cohesion led “Cantine Lavorata” to set new goals and today its wines are getting awards for their quality. At present, important and elegant restaurants all over the world serve “Cantine Lavorata” wines.